we will always do our part to Protect Adelaide


Our Mission is to keep Old & Broken Cars off the Streets of Adelaide

Call us now on 0413221574 so that we can take your car off the streets, and we'll pay you cash on the spot for it too!


car WRECKERS to keep adelaide beautiful

We all love Adelaide for its natural beauty and clean environment. We definitely don't want our city to be polluted by broken down vehicles. Abandoned vehicles leak fluids which contaminate the soil and waterways, damaging the environment and wildlife. So, give Scrap Car Removal Adelaide a call now and we'll be there in a matter of minutes to take your car off the streets safely and quickly.  We strongly believe in keeping the environment healthy and doing our bit to sustain Adelaide's beautiful surroundings.

We buy wrecked cars in Adelaide, pay cash for unwanted vehicles in Adelaide, pick up and provide car removal services in Adelaide, and also pay cash for scrap cars in Adelaide.


Our promise to recycle

We promise that when you have your car, truck, 4WD or any other vehicle removed by our Toyota Car Removal Adelaide team, every single part will be recycled safely according to government regulations.  If there's anything left afterwards, we won't leave it to pollute our environment, but will make sure they are all disposed of in the correct manner. So, help us do our part for the environment by giving us a call today!